Annual Report

Doctors of Tomorrow Program Overview 2019 - 2020


Dr. Erika Newman

Dr. Erika Newman

Dr. Erika Newman is a Pediatric Surgeon, Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of Faculty Development in the Department of Surgery. She is founder of the university-wide symposium on Health equity, Opportunity, Pipeline, and Education (HOPE). The HOPE Symposium brought together professionals from diverse felds and backgrounds to learn about critical health equity issues and collaborate on solutions. The broad systemic problems that were discussed can only be efectively addressed through partnerships with community agencies, public health ofcials, school systems, and programs within the University of Michigan community. Doctors of Tomorrow (DoT) is a perfect example of such a partnership, and during the symposium a number of the DoT students participated in a Q&A, inspiring attendees with their personal stories and experiences. The event was educational, eye opening, and inspiring; culminating in a commitment by attendees to learn more and do more.

Impacting H(Health Equity) O(Opportunity) P(Pipeline) E(Education) Collaborative
HOPE Symposium ballroom with stage and tables
Doctors of Tomorrow at Hill Auditorium
Doctors of Tomorrow attendees at HOPE Symposium
Dr. Oluwaferanmi Okanlami

Dr. Oluwaferanmi Okanlami

Dr. Oluwaferanmi Okanlami is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the Director of Adaptive Sports in Michigan Center for Human Athletic Medicine and Performance. He also serves as the Spokesperson for Guardian Life in their “Equal & Able” partnership. A University of Michigan Medical School graduate, he is passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, speaking around the country on related topics, including, but not limited to the lack of black male physicians, and creating a health system that is accessible to and inclusive of both patients and providers with disabilities. He serves as the faculty advisor for the Annual Diversity in Medicine Conference – founded in 2019 by DoT medical student leaders. This event has already attracted hundreds of students, faculty, and staff from across the country and Canada with an interest in Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion.

Diversity in Medicine Conference
Dr. Okanlami and Diversity in Medicine Conference attendees
Dr. Okanlami and Diversity in Medicine Conference attendees
Dr. Okanlami and Dr. Finks with Diversity in Medicine Conference attendees

UM DoT Seniors: What would you like to do next?

Kala Coston

Kala Coston: “I want to continue advancing in life by securing an internship or job within the health field.”

Jordan Gregory

Jordan Gregory: “Though I am pursuing a neuroscience PhD instead of medical doctorate, DoT has been with me every step of the way.”

Naomi Nichols

Naomi Nichols: “I would like to graduate (walk across a stage?), pass my NCLEX, and become a pediatric ICU nurse!”

Nicole White

Nicole White: “I am hoping to attend a post-baccalaureate program in the Fall and then to eventually attend medical school.”

Dominique Witten

Dominique Witten: “I want to build a non profit that does after school writing programs for students in low income communities.”

By the Numbers

As of 2020, we have received $76,600 in donations, and $40,000 in Doctors of Tomorrow scholarships have been awarded to students. There have been 254 high school participants and 279 medical student mentors. We have hosted 2 national conferences, and a total of 8 publications, 24 poster presentations, and 5 podium presentations have been submitted about the program. The program has resulted in 44* capstone projects. (*6 capstone projects with partial completion due to COVID-19 stoppage.) In 2020, 20 Doctors of Tomorrow students are now at the University of Michigan, and 71 participants are attending college.

Donations $76.6K 2019-20
DoT Scholarships Awarded to Students $40K
71 DoT Students Attending College
DoT Students 20 Now @ U of M
279 Medical Student Mentors
254 High School Student Participants
2 National Conferences Hosted
44* Capstone Projects
5 Podium Presentations
24 Poster Presentations
8 Publications

DoT Leadership Highlights

Serena Bidwell

Serena Bidwell: “One of my favorite aspects of DoT is the longitudinal investment in the lives of students, including 9th grade students participating in clinical skills, high school seniors connecting with physicians, and college seniors discussing graduation plans. These students are rising leaders in their communities.”

Lulia Kana

Lulia Kana: “During my M1 year, I loved co-directing the Capstone and Outreach portion of our programming. Getting to see how excited the students were about their projects and watching my classmates mentor their students towards reaching their goals was so meaningful and inspiring for me!”

Limi Sharif

Limi Sharif: “As the 9th-grade Programming Director, I have the privilege of working with the newest students in DoT and watching their interests in health care fields grow throughout the year. It has been a rewarding part of my medical school experience to be able to get to know each student, as well as provide mentorship through my own experiences asan underrepresented minority in the medical field.”

Evan Merryman

Evan Merryman: “A highlight for me has been seeing these incredibly bright young people take ideas and concepts that we present to them and not only apply them to their own communities conceptually but begin to make real changes to those communities. They already have the passion, intelligence, and caring. We simply provide them with the spark.”

Dr. Jonathan F. Finks

Dr. Jonathan F. Finks

Dr. Jonathan F. Finks, Minimally Invasive Surgeon, Faculty Advisor and Founder of Doctors of Tomorrow:

Despite an abbreviated program due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this was an exciting year for Doctors of Tomorrow. Ninth grade students participated in surgical and resuscitation training in the Clinical Simulation Center. Through workshops led by the Black Medical Association, they learned about healthcare issues affecting their local communities. Rising students participated in a clinical skills event on campus and learned to read chest X-Rays, practiced ultrasound techniques, and honed their neurologic exam skills. Several of 12th grade and undergraduate students spoke about their experience in DoT at the inaugural Michigan Medicine Impacting HOPE Symposium. UM undergraduates participated in regular library study sessions with medical student leaders and more than $12,000 was awarded to these students in the form of academic scholarships. Our focus now is on adapting DoT programming for the post-Covid era. This will require ingenuity to meet the educational and safety needs of our learners. I am confident that our medical student leaders are up to the challenge!

Thank you to our donors and sponsors.

We are so grateful for the generous support of our donors and sponsors who make the Doctors of Tomorrow program possible!

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