Doctors of Tomorrow

Inspiring the Future Leaders in Healthcare

Our Mission

The Doctors of Tomorrow program inspires and prepares Detroit area high school students from underrepresented communities to successfully pursue careers in healthcare in order to increase diversity among medical professionals. Through a longitudinal program of clinical immersion, academic preparation, and leadership development coupled with continued engagement and mentorship throughout high school and beyond, we strive to develop the necessary foundation for students to succeed academically and professionally. The program creates an educational experience where all participants are actively engaged in developing and promoting cultural awareness as we strive to reduce bias in the medical field and foster our students as agents of change in their communities.

We also host the annual Diversity in Medicine Conference, which brings together students and faculty members from across North America to promote dialogue about increasing diversity in medicine and foster collaboration.

Our Programs

Doctors of Tomorrow Foundations

Audience: 9th-10th Grade High School Students

Doctors of Tomorrow Rising

Audience: 11th-12th Grade High School Students

Doctors of Tomorrow Succeed

Audience: Doctors of Tomorrow alumnae at University of Michigan