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Who is eligible to participate in Doctors of Tomorrow?

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High School Students

Applications are currently limited to only 9th graders at Cass Tech High School. They typically open in September! Ask Ms. Chillis for more information.

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Medical Students

Look for us during Second Look Weekend. If you miss us there, we will send an email to the entire M1 class during the first couple weeks of school.

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As a student organization, we rely on your donations to keep the program running! Please consider donating to Doctors of Tomorrow today.

For those students who are interested in participating in a similar program but do not attend Cass Tech, please reach out to the Center for Educational Outreach and the Michigan Health Sciences Summer Institute at the University of Michigan.

Community Partners

In 2015, we began to partner with grassroots organizations in the Detroit community. The students and organizations worked together to create a Community Health Capstone Project.

Organizations include:

Impact By the Numbers

As of 2019, we have received $223,000 in funding, and $30,000 in Doctors of Tomorrow scholarships have been awarded to students. There have been 218 high school participants and 244 medical student mentors. 42 medical students have served on the Doctors of Tomorrow leadership team. The program has resulted in 38 capstone projects and 36 internships. We have hosted 1 national conference, and a total of 6 publications, 23 abstracts, 21 poster presentations, and 2 podium presentations have been submitted about the program. We work with 11 community partners with Doctors of Tomorrow projects.

In 2019, 25 Doctors of Tomorrow students are at the University of Michigan, and 67 participants are attending college. There are 9 Doctors of Tomorrow alumni currently at the University of Michigan pursuing a career in healthcare and 11 Cass Tech participants are on the Doctors of Tomorrow student committee.

Thank You To Our Donors

We are so grateful for the generous support of our donors who make the Doctors of Tomorrow Program possible, including the Victory Automotive Group, the Michigan Medicine Department of Surgery, the Michigan Medicine Office for Health Equity and Inclusion, and the University of Michigan Medical School!