Our Programs

Doctors of Tomorrow Foundations is dedicated to creating opportunities and building long-term mentorship for students to ultimately pursue careers in healthcare. The flagship program pairs high school freshmen with first-year medical students to provide exposure to the medical field through monthly sessions at the University of Michigan. Following freshman year, Doctors of Tomorrow students are able to continue growing their skills and expanding their network of mentors with additional programming throughout high school in the Doctors of Tomorrow Rising curriculum. For students who matriculate at the University of Michigan, Doctors of Tomorrow Succeed provides further educational opportunities and support.

To ensure continued quality improvement and dissemination of our program to other medical schools, we are committed to evaluating all aspects of the program.

Doctors of Tomorrow Foundations

The cornerstone of Doctors of Tomorrow is the 9th-10th grade program. Freshman high school students are paired with first year medical students who provide year-long mentorship while working towards completion of a capstone project. Throughout the year, high school students visit the University of Michigan once a month for hands-on experiences in healthcare. Workshops range from physician and healthcare professional panels to surgical skills to clinical shadowing and beyond. This allows high school students to get a first hand look at the life of medical students and other members of a health care team. Students learn how to think of a differential diagnosis, how to tie sutures, how to conduct CPR, and more.


The goal of the Capstone Projects is to give students the opportunity to collaborate with peers and mentors, hone research skills, gain experience in public speaking, explore health topics more deeply, investigate how socioeconomic factors influence health and use creativity and problem-solving skills to begin thinking of solutions. Students work in small teams led by medical student leaders to identify a community health issue, partner with a local organization which they visit on site, and present their proposed solutions at a formal symposium.

Doctors of Tomorrow Rising

Doctors of Tomorrow Rising is a continuation of our longitudinal mentoring program for 11th-12th grade students with a specific focus on professional development, allied health professions, and college readiness. Medical student leaders guide these students through several sessions, including personal statement workshops, financial aid talks, college application support, interprofessional health days, and community service events.


Each year, DoT sponsors high school students to participate in a summer internship in which the students are paired with various organizations and community partners in Detroit. Interns gain hands-on work experience with various initiatives to alleviate healthcare disparities, including urban farming, youth empowerment, violence prevention, and minority access to healthcare. Recently, some students have gained research and clinical experience through the program. The internship program introduces students to various aspects of professionalism while engaging them in meaningful work in their Detroit community.

Doctors of Tomorrow Succeed

Doctors of Tomorrow Succeed is the newest branch of our program for DoT alumnae who have matriculated at the University of Michigan. This curriculum involves weekly study tables, game nights, graduate school panels, clinical skills workshops and various scholarship opportunities to further support DoT students in their undergraduate years. DoT Succeed focuses on preparing students for graduate school programs. Additionally, DoT Succeed college students serve as mentors for the younger DoT members and offer advice regarding college preparation and applications.